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DigiData acquired Pro-Clin in 2002 from the IQ Business Group. Subsequently massive strides have been made to develop the modules of
Pro-Clin to that of a HMO System. These modules are widely used by our customers today.

  • Out-patient / Clinic Administration
  • Occupational Health
  • HAART Management
  • In-patient Administration
  • Ward Administration
  • Theatre Administration
  • Account Administration
  • Dispensary Administration
  • I.O.D. Administration
  • Diary Menu
  • Access Security
  • Integrations & Interfaces


DigiData developed the Med-Admin system for medical scheme administration. Med-Admin runs on a Windows Server platform and uses
Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher operating system platform. The system interfaces with users by means of a graphical front-end
interface which promotes the ease of use.

Med-Admin consists of 8 main modules which includes the following:

  • Scheme management module
  • Member management module
  • Provider management module
  • Employer management module
  • Risk management, e.g. Authorizations
  • Claims processing and payment of claims
  • Reporting
  • System management module